Federal Disability Benefits – SSI vs. SSDI

Difference Between SSDI and SSI

There are two types of disability programs for adults. This includes Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). There is a significant difference between both. Incidentally, both programs are designed to help individuals with a monetary amount order eligibility for both are different.

SSDI are for individuals who have worked for a long enough period of time to accumulate credits. SSI benefits are for individuals with disabilities who have little or no income. In order to receive SSI you must have very limited income and assets. For example, individuals cannot have more than $2000 and married couples no more than $3000.

Injured individuals with enough work credits may apply for SSDI benefits. If they begin receiving SSDI they may be eligible after two years for Medicare.

Filing for Disability Benefits

There are number of ways in which to file for Social Security disability benefits or supplemental Security income. First, you can go to your local Social Security office. Second, you can apply online. Three, you can have an attorney or a representative assist you in filling out the application. The information that you will provide in your application will mostly concern details about your condition and why you are disabled. You’ll have to provide a list of doctors who treated you along with any hospitals and clinics and any medications that you have been prescribed. Having a disability attorney can help you in making sure that the social security file gets developed appropriately.

Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney in Minnesota

Oftentimes we recommend to potential clients that they fill out the application on their own. However, this will depend on the claimant’s ability to gather the requisite information and ability to provide the information to Social Security. Our office and staff are very supportive during the process. We take our clients concern seriously and respond to questions and updates. You should not feel that you are doing this on your own when applying for social security disability benefits and we are available to answer any questions that you may have including the process and the stages of your claim.

Jerry Sisk

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