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Social Security Disability Insurance Eligibility

People who have worked and paid taxes into Social Security and are now unable to perform their job are eligible for SSDI. In order to collect these benefits, certain steps need to be taken. One of the confusing aspects of qualifying for Social Security disability benefits is that the Social Security Administration has its own definition of the word “disabled” and that definition is different than what is used by some other agencies. The Social Security Administration’s definition of “disability” is solely based on the ability of the person to work.


Social Security Disability Claims Process

Starting a disability claim with the Social Security Administration is deceptively easy because you can complete the initial application online. However, once your disability claim is filed, the continuing process of working with the Social Security Administration can get complicated and frustrating. There are many useful guides when applying for Social Security Disability benefits, including our 9 tips for applying provided here for free as well, which can be extremely helpful regardless of whether you have already started the process or not.


Social Security Disability Claims vs. Appeals

Often, getting disability benefits from the Social Security Administration requires two steps; filling out the initial application, and appealing to an Administrative Law Judge if your application is denied. Approximately 35% of applications for disability benefits are granted and don’t require an appeal. However, approximately 65% of applications are denied and must be appealed. Fortunately, the success rate on appeal is much better than on the initial application, as the appeals process allows you to present further evidence of your disability.


Proving Pain is a Disability

Even though we know that the disabling effects of chronic pain can make it impossible to work, it can be difficult to qualify chronic pain as a disability to the Social Security Administration. The problem is that there is no good way to measure pain, so it is difficult to establish objective medical evidence about how disabling your pain is. The Social Security Administration recognizes that pain cannot be measured objectively through clinical or laboratory diagnostic techniques.


Improve Your Chances

Although you can file your application for Social Security disability benefits on your own, without a lawyer, if that claim is denied then your chances of success on appeal will be much better if you have an experienced Social Security disability lawyer working with you. Although Social Security is a federal program, the best way to apply for disability benefits is to file through a local Minneapolis, Minnesota Social Security office.


Appealing Your Denied Claim

We regularly talk to Social Security disability claimants who are discouraged by the denial of their applications. They should not feel bad, for 65% of initial applications are denied. However, the majority of claimants who appeal will ultimately be found disabled, so if you feel you cannot work you should definitely appeal. How to appeal a denied claim? The Social Security Administration provides several ways to appeal. Whichever way you choose to appeal, it is a good idea to obtain proof that you appealed on time as well

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